Ex-Display Kitchens For Sale


Buy Ex-Display, Used and Second Hand Kitchens


At Home Joinery, we like to recycle and make sure we offer our customers a unique option. Our ex-display kitchens are highly looked after through their life in our showroom, which is why when the time comes to have a redesign, we offer this kitchen to you at a fraction of the retail price. Our large selection of ex-display kitchens can be purchased from any of our showrooms.

You may have been looking at our range of designer kitchens and looking to save a few extra pounds to upgrade your appliances, maybe you’re a developer looking for the perfect budget kitchen to add into your project or just searching for kitchens for sale, Home Joinery are here to help.

Our range of ex-display and used kitchens are all current and by no means the limit of your imagination. Start by browsing our range of heavily discounted ex-display and used kitchens where you can purchase them at a heavily reduced percentage from the original retail price. Our products are bespoke as standard and on some occasions these can be returned due to a customer changing their requirements, looking to upgrade their kitchen or just not what they were expecting. These kitchens are often of excellent quality, but providing you the chance to purchase a designer kitchen at a fractional price. We offer cheap kitchen units and other furniture in our ex-display and used ranges which can be added to your new or current kitchen.

If you would like to enquire about any of the second-hand kitchens we have available below, please get in contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All items sold subject to our terms and conditions.