The format of the Shaker kitchen is inconceivably flexible. If your kitchen ideas and inspiration lean you more toward the traditional design, on account of the straightforward magnificence of the classic look, our scope of shaker kitchens is exceptional for your taste. A diverse range of door finishes in the shaker style can be applied either all through the kitchen or specific areas. Shaker kitchen cabinets work in a range of styles, incorporating recessed panels, either bevelled or plain, suiting the certain style of kitchen design you opt for, usually with an open plan design.

Range options

Matt Foil Plain Shaker

Price Group 2 Matt Foil Plain Shaker
From: £1,857.00

Five Piece Woodgrain Shaker

Price Group 2 Five Piece Woodgrain Shaker
From: £1,857.00

Matt Foil Shaker

Price Group 2 Matt Foil Shaker
From: £1,857.00

Five Piece Bevelled Woodgrain Shaker

Price Group 3 Five Piece Bevelled Woodgrain Shaker
From: £1,960.00

Painted Matt Shaker

Price Group 5 Painted Matt Shaker
From: £2,363.50

Beaded Shaker Solid Painted

Price Group 6 Beaded Shaker Solid Painted
From: £2,437.00

Solid Painted Shaker

Price Group 6 Solid Painted Shaker
From: £2,437.00

Solid Oak Shaker

Price Group 7 Solid Oak Shaker
From: £2,800.50