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Spring Sale

Spring Sale

Our Spring Sale is almost over, but there is still time to make sure you save on your new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom!

It is almost time to end our Spring sale for this year, but there is still just enough time for you to make the most of ours and start renovating your home in time for Summer with some great savings. Our sale will end on the 12th of May 2019, so still plenty of days to visit our showroom and discuss with our designers about your project.

If you are looking for a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom you’re in luck as we are offering a massive 50% off all our furniture until this date. This means just by walking into one of our showrooms you have saved money and you haven’t even seen the best bit yet. So, whilst your happy about saving extra money, you can now get excited by the massive range of cabinets we have, the different colours and finishes to be amazed by and not to forget the personalised service from the expert teams we have waiting to help you leave as a happy satisfied customer.

You have your heart set on a kitchen and decided everything you want and you’re almost finished, but you now need to be thinking about appliances if you haven’t already. We are happy to be offering an exclusive offer with AEG appliances to save you even more money on your kitchen, how kind are we? We are offering a perfect combo of an oven and hob that is only £898, the cheapest you can buy these products currently in the market. Again, this is something you know that when you walk in you’ve already saved the pennies, so get excited by the fact you can now see these products and purchase this exclusive deal.

If these two aren’t enough to convince you to come and see our Spring Sale, this next offer should tempt you as we are giving you a FREE dishwasher with your kitchen order over £3,000! We’re not kidding, we will throw in an Electrolux dishwasher with your order if it exceeds the minimum value. Just come in, discuss your kitchen quote with us and we will make space for the dishwasher in your kitchen. Maybe you already have one in your plan, which will of course save you money instantly, so make sure you discuss this with our friendly team.

We don’t like the term crazy, but if you are planning a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and don’t pay us a visit you will be missing out. We hate the price battle we all get involved in, which is why as we know we can offer the competitive prices as you can clearly see above, but we are offering you so much more quality and choice in our showroom, just to add to the sweetness of you bagging yourself a discount and saving on your project.

We expect to see you soon before the Spring Sale ends!

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Published on Tuesday, 30th April 3:31pm



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